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Before opting for weight loss surgery, it is important to understand the causes of obesity and the various obesity solutions available.


To lose weight, your body must burn more calories than you eat and/or drink. A diet plan should be based on your health and lifestyle needs. If you are considering this option our Brighton Bariatric dieticians can speak with you about nutritional guidelines.



Frequent and regular physical activity is beneficial to your general health and to help you lose weight. Generally, an exercise program includes cardiovascular exercise such as walking, swimming, or cycling, strength training using resistance bands, weights, or machines. Speak with your general practitioner before beginning any new strenuous physical activity.


Weight Loss Medications

Prescription weight loss medications may be considered as a supplement to diet and exercise. Only a healthcare professional can prescribe these.


Gastric Balloon

A temporary gastric balloon might be suitable for you to create a feeling of fullness; this requires a camera inserted into your stomach called a gastroscopy.  With proper dietary changes and healthier lifestyle you can expect to lose 20-30% of your excess body weight. Side effects can include nausea; however this can usually be successfully managed with medication and diet. It is also not suitable if you are at risk of stomach ulcers for example.


Bariatric Surgery

There are several bariatric surgery procedures which can help you lose weight.  Only you and your Brighton Bariatric surgeon can decide if surgery is right for you.


The table below compares the effectiveness of three different obesity treatments: diet and exercise, weight loss medications, and bariatric surgery.

Improvement to Medical Conditions

Weight loss after bariatric surgery improves or even potentially ‘cures’ several medical conditions which are related to obesity as seen in the image below.

Bariatric surgery is intended for you if you have a high BMI and have not had success with other weight loss.



Brighton Bariatrics is a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, gastroenterologists, anaesthetists, dietitians, psychologists and nurses, specialising in bariatric surgery.


The high quality care you receive from us is local to you - Before, during and after your weight loss surgery.


Our team at Brighton Bariatrics will offer you a comprehensive choice of keyhole surgical (laparoscopic) and non surgical (endoscopic) procedures tailor made to fit your needs and give you the bespoke weight loss service that you deserve.


Brighton Bariatrics offer gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, gastric sleeve surgery and the Orbera weight loss balloon with high levels of care from The Montefiore Hospital.


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